The Gallus dis­trict has long been a melting pot of many dif­ferent cul­tures, which are wel­comed as an enrichment to the area. Creative pro­fes­sionals, people in their mid-thirties and stu­dents are dis­co­vering this neigh­bourhood as a place to live.

The new Euro­pa­viertel is part of the Gallus dis­trict. Since 2005, enough space has been created here to accom­modate offices, hotels, apart­ments, parks, shopping faci­lities and even a school. As Frankfurt’s popu­lation grows, the Euro­pa­viertel fills a gap that was left by the main goods station – creating a great mixture of life, work and leisure.

The Hotel Hohen­zollern offices are located at the right tip of the Gallus dis­trict, bor­dering Frankfurt’s city centre, the old town and the Westend. With the central station so close by, any daily needs are easily satisfied: burgers, sushi, kebabs or fine dining – it’s all within walking distance. Dry cleaners, drug stores, pharmacies?
You name it.

The traffic junction at the central station makes it easy to get around – S‑Bahn and U‑Bahn trains, trams, buses and long-distance trains are all within reach. And the nearby motorway junction Frankfurt West also makes for a con­ve­nient car ride.


The area around the Hohen­zollern Office is bustling with life.

The trade fair grounds and the ‘Fest­halle’ arena are very close by, and right behind the railway station dis­trict we find Willy-Brandt-Platz with the opera house, the ‘Schau­spiel Frankfurt’ theatre company and the English Theatre. To relax and unwind, you can stroll through the bota­nical garden ‘Pal­men­garten’, or head to West­hafen for a walk along the River Main and a perfect view of the skyline.

Frankfurt’s ‘Muse­umsufer’ fea­tures a fasci­nating land­scape of museums: the museums of film and archi­tecture as well as the famous ‘Städel’ museum with its out­standing coll­ection offer plenty of entertainment.

The Westend, in con­trast, boasts ample green spaces and buil­dings from the Grün­derzeit era.

Don’t miss out on a walk to the ‘Druck­was­serwerk’ – the water­works offering stunning views of the River Main. Here you will dis­cover the most beau­tiful venue in a listed machine hall with a highly recom­men­dable menu!


1 Central station
2   U‑Bahn station Willy-Brandt-Platz
3 U‑Bahn station Festhalle/Messe

Cul­tural & Tourist

4 Oper Frankfurt opera house
5 Sil­berturm tower
6 Städel Museum


7 Der fette Bulle
8 Kai­serzeit organic bakery
9 Im Herzen Afrikas
10  Yokyok
11   Plank Café-Bar Studio
12  Dean & David
13  Sapôres Sàigòn Street Food


14 Skyline Plaza shopping mall