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After its inau­gu­ration in 1888, Frankfurt’s central station initially attracted ridicule:
it was located in an open field, 600 metres away from the city, with pieces of railway tracks scat­tered all around it … but this station was just the starting point of an extensive journey. In every sense.

New streets, houses, villas and shops fol­lowed soon after. And hotels – espe­cially hotels. Sophisti­cated tra­vellers were drawn to modern luxuries, tra­velling with the fashionable ‘Mädler’ suit­cases straight from the shop at Kai­ser­straße 29. The ladies wore modern and elegant straight-cut dresses, while chi­valrous gen­tlemen dressed in smart, three-piece suits, pre­ferably with top hats.

Five large houses were built around Frankfurt’s train station alone. All of them were magni­ficent. And all of them were des­troyed. But one of them defied the odds: Hotel Hohen­zollern. It was a hotel, a cinema, and a nightclub. It was loved, neglected and forgotten.

And now this very building offers a unique opportunity:
The Hotel Hohen­zollern Office Building is one of the most extra­or­dinary office buil­dings in Frankfurt. State-of-the-art offices in a magni­ficent building that dates back to 1910, but remains true to the spirit of its creators – wel­coming, open and luxurious.

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